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Weathering the Storm: How SERVPRO® of West Beaver County Mitigates Storm Damage

4/30/2024 (Permalink)

Roof Tarp Tarping the Home Owner's Roof Can Prevent Additional Water From Entering Into the Home.

As the winds howl and the rain pours, homeowners across Beaver County brace themselves for the unpredictable fury of storms. At SERVPRO Beaver County, we understand the havoc that storms can wreak on homes and communities. From flooding to wind damage, we've seen it all. Recently, our team responded to a surge of disaster restoration calls following a series of powerful storms that swept through the area. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of mitigating storm damage and how SERVPRO Beaver County is dedicated to helping homeowners weather the storm.

The Impact of Storm Damage:

Storms can leave a trail of destruction in their wake, causing flooding, structural damage, and even mold growth. The aftermath of a storm can be overwhelming for homeowners, leaving them unsure of where to turn for help. That's where SERVPRO Beaver County comes in. With years of experience in disaster restoration, we're equipped to handle the aftermath of even the most severe storms.

Our Response to Recent Storms:

In the wake of the recent storms, our team at SERVPRO Beaver County sprang into action. We received numerous calls for assistance from homeowners grappling with water damage, wind damage, and more. Our priority was to respond swiftly and efficiently, providing homeowners with the support and expertise they needed during this challenging time. From extracting standing water to tarping damaged roofs, our team worked tirelessly to mitigate further damage and restore homes to their pre-storm condition.

Mitigating Storm Damage:

Mitigating storm damage is crucial in minimizing the long-term impact on homes and communities. Prompt action can prevent secondary damage such as mold growth and structural deterioration. At SERVPRO Beaver County, we understand the importance of acting quickly. Our team utilizes advanced techniques and equipment to extract water, dry affected areas, and restore damaged structures. By addressing storm damage promptly, we can help homeowners save time, money, and stress in the restoration process.

Preparing for the Future:

While we can't control the weather, we can take steps to prepare for future storms. SERVPRO Beaver County offers proactive services such as emergency preparedness planning and storm damage mitigation consultations. By partnering with us, homeowners can gain peace of mind knowing that they have a trusted ally in the fight against storm damage.

At SERVPRO Beaver County, we're committed to helping homeowners weather the storm. From our rapid response to our comprehensive restoration services, we're here to support our community every step of the way. If you've been affected by storm damage, don't hesitate to reach out to SERVPRO Beaver County for prompt, professional assistance. Together, we'll navigate the storm and emerge stronger on the other side.

Cozy Winter Vibes and Fire Prevention | SERVPRO® of West Beaver County

1/9/2024 (Permalink)

fire Fireplace vibes

Few things beat the cozy ambiance of a crackling fireplace during chilly evenings, but as the saying goes, "With great warmth comes great responsibility." While fireplaces add charm to our homes, they also pose potential hazards if not handled with care. In this blog post, we'll explore common mishaps associated with fireplaces and provide essential tips on preventing them.

Common Fireplace Mishaps:

  1. Creosote Buildup:

    • Issue: Creosote, a byproduct of burning wood, can accumulate in your chimney, leading to chimney fires.
    • Prevention: Schedule regular chimney inspections and cleanings by a professional to remove creosote buildup and ensure proper ventilation.
  2. Cracked Chimney Liner:

    • Issue: Over time, the chimney liner can develop cracks, allowing heat and embers to reach combustible materials in your home's structure.
    • Prevention: Regularly inspect the chimney liner for cracks and invest in professional repairs or replacements as needed.
  3. Sparks and Embers:

    • Issue: Sparks and embers escaping the fireplace can ignite nearby flammable materials.
    • Prevention: Use a fireplace screen or glass doors to contain sparks. Keep flammable items at a safe distance and never leave the fire unattended.
  4. Improperly Seasoned Wood:

    • Issue: Burning green or wet wood can lead to excessive creosote buildup and inefficient combustion.
    • Prevention: Only use well-seasoned, dry wood in your fireplace. Store wood in a dry place to ensure it's ready for use.
  5. Neglected Maintenance:

    • Issue: Lack of regular maintenance can lead to various issues, including blockages and deteriorating components.
    • Prevention: Schedule annual professional inspections and address any identified issues promptly.

Essential Fireplace Safety Tips:

  1. Regular Inspections and Cleanings:

    • Schedule annual inspections and cleanings by a certified chimney sweep to ensure safe and efficient fireplace operation.
  2. Proper Disposal of Ashes:

    • Allow ashes to cool completely before disposing of them in a metal container, away from flammable materials.
  3. Maintain a Clear Zone:

    • Keep a three-foot clear zone around the fireplace, free from flammable objects such as curtains, furniture, or décor.
  4. Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

    • Ensure your home is equipped with working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and test them regularly.
  5. Educate Family Members:

    • Teach family members about the importance of fireplace safety, including the proper way to build and extinguish fires.

By taking proactive measures and staying vigilant, you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your fireplace while minimizing the risk of mishaps. Prioritize regular maintenance, and your fireplace will continue to be a source of comfort and joy for years to come. If you ever experience a fire-related mishap, SERVPRO® Beaver County is here to provide swift and professional restoration services. Stay warm and stay safe!

Winter-Proof Your Home: Preventing Burst Pipes and Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Beaver County

11/3/2023 (Permalink)

Burst Pipe What may happen in the case of a pipe freeze.

Winter is a magical season, but it can also be a perilous one for homeowners. One of the most common winter nightmares is the specter of burst pipes due to freezing temperatures. At SERVPRO®, we're here to shed light on why weatherizing your home is essential for safeguarding against burst pipes and the subsequent water damage that can wreak havoc on your property. Plus, we'll explain how our expertise can come to the rescue if the worst should happen.

Why Weatherize Your Home?

  • Prevent Burst Pipes: As temperatures drop, water inside your pipes can freeze and expand, leading to cracks or bursts. Weatherizing your home helps insulate your pipes and prevent this common winter woe.

  • Save Money: Proper weatherization conserves energy, reducing your heating costs. Sealing gaps, insulating, and taking other weatherization measures can keep your home comfortable while lowering your bills.

  • Protect Property Value: A well-maintained home retains its value and attracts potential buyers. Weatherized homes are more appealing, contributing to a better resale value.

  • Enhance Comfort: Weatherization minimizes drafts and cold spots, making your home cozier during the chilly winter months. It also helps maintain indoor humidity levels, preventing dry air.

  • Eco-Friendly: Reducing energy consumption and preventing water wastage from burst pipes is an eco-conscious choice. Weatherizing your home contributes to a more sustainable way of living.

How SERVPRO Can Help

While prevention is key, accidents can still occur. If you do face a water leak due to burst pipes, we're here to provide expert assistance:

  • Emergency Response: We offer 24/7 emergency services. Call us, and we'll arrive promptly to assess the situation and minimize damage.

  • Water Damage Restoration: Our experienced team will work diligently to restore your property. We use advanced techniques and equipment to extract water, dry affected areas, and mitigate damage.

  • Mold Remediation: Burst pipes can lead to mold growth. We have the expertise to inspect, identify, and safely remove mold, ensuring a healthy living environment.

  • Repairs and Reconstruction: Once the damage is under control, we offer comprehensive repair and reconstruction services to bring your home back to its pre-damage condition.

Don't leave your home vulnerable to burst pipes this winter. Take the proactive step of weatherizing your property to protect your family, your investments, and your peace of mind. And if the unexpected does happen, know that SERVPRO of Beaver County is your trusted partner for water damage restoration and recovery.

The Benefits of Choosing a Local Restoration Company - SERVPRO Beaver County

10/25/2023 (Permalink)

Servpro Logo Green and Orange: Colors you can trust!

At SERVPRO Beaver County, we understand that when disaster strikes, time is of the essence. Whether it's water damage from a burst pipe, fire damage, or storm damage, a swift response is crucial to minimize the extent of the damage. That's where the advantage of choosing a local restoration company becomes evident.

As your trusted local restoration experts in Beaver County, we're here to highlight the many benefits of working with a company deeply rooted in your community.

1. Faster Response Times

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a local restoration company is the rapid response you can expect. We're just around the corner, ready to spring into action when you need us. Our close proximity allows us to arrive at your property promptly, assess the situation, and start the restoration process without delay. In times of crisis, this can make all the difference in preventing further damage and reducing your overall restoration costs.

2. In-Depth Local Knowledge

Our team at SERVPRO Beaver County knows the area inside and out. We're familiar with the unique challenges that local weather patterns and geographical features can pose. This knowledge allows us to tailor our restoration strategies to the specific needs of Beaver County, ensuring the most effective and efficient solutions for your property.

3. Community Connection

Being part of the community means we genuinely care about the people and properties in Beaver County. We're not just another faceless corporation; we're your neighbors, friends, and fellow community members. Our commitment to your well-being is not just a business strategy – it's a reflection of our genuine desire to help our community recover from disasters.

4. 24/7 Availability

Disasters don't wait for convenient times, and neither do we. As a local restoration company, we offer 24/7 emergency services. You can count on us to be there when you need us, whether it's in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or during a holiday. Our goal is to ease your stress and provide a reliable lifeline during your time of need.

5. Support Local Business

By choosing SERVPRO Beaver County, you're supporting a local business and investing in the growth and prosperity of your community. We believe in the power of local businesses to drive economic development and create job opportunities. When you hire us, you're contributing to the welfare of Beaver County.

6. Personalized Service

We don't treat you as just another client – we treat you as a member of our extended family. We provide personalized service, taking into account your unique circumstances and concerns. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we work closely with you to ensure your property is restored to its pre-damage condition.

In times of crisis, you don't want to leave your property's fate to chance. You want a trusted, local restoration partner who's always there for you. At SERVPRO Beaver County, we take pride in serving our community with dedication, expertise, and compassion. When disaster strikes, remember that we're just a call away, ready to restore your property and your peace of mind.

How to Keep Your Holiday Decorating Fire-Safe | SERVPRO® of Beaver County

11/8/2022 (Permalink)

< img src =”tree.jpg” alt = "a small Christmas tree in front of a burning fireplace " > Should a fire issue pop-up during this holiday season, SERVPRO of Beaver County will be on call ready to assist.

The thought of the holidays is wonderful: shining lights in every room and the mouth-watering smell of freshly-baked cookies and sweets. This season is almost unbeatable, but it also brings the year’s highest risk of home fires.

In Pennsylvania, we know how snowstorms can turn our town into a winter wonderland overnight, but we also know how to have a good time during it! There are numerous activities taking place over the next few months, like the famous Murder On The Orient Express train ride.

These events can create a wonderful holiday experience, but you should take preventive measures to protect your home before you leave it alone this winter. Taking the proper precautions can keep you and your home safe while experiencing the wonder of the holidays.

Top Seasonal Hazards

United States fire departments respond to approximately 790 structural fires a year that began due to holiday decorations.

Placing these items too close to heating sources is a major cause of the fires. Additionally, Christmas trees and candles make the list of other home fire sources.

A real tree requires lots of care, with constant watering and sweeping to prevent dead needles from piling up. Artificial trees must be certified as fire-resistant to be safe, but it’s also crucial to avoid overloading your outlets when decorating any kind of tree.

Take Preventive Measures

“The stocking were hung by the chimney with care” should be more than a quick line read on family night. Remember this quote when decorating your home so that you never place an item too close to an open flame.

Candles cause approximately 20 house fires a day, so double-check that yours are not too close to other flammable items. If your home has a fireplace, it’s also important to have it inspected annually to prevent disaster.

Check that your outdoor decorations are rated for this kind of use, and hang them properly to avoid falling lights that may cause a fire outside. Check our local government’s website for any regulations on outdoor decorating so that you can follow the guidelines.

Routinely inspect your smoke detectors and install one in each bedroom and on each floor of the home. Create and practice a fire emergency plan with your household, and add SERVPRO of Beaver County to your contacts so that you can reach us fast if a fire sparks up inside.

Have smoke or fire damage in your house? Contact us today to get cleaned up fast.

How Your Business May Be Stopped By Commercial Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Beaver County

10/24/2022 (Permalink)

< img src =”floor.jpg” alt = "a zoomed in view of a wooden floor showing signs of water damage " > SERVPRO of Beaver County are your local commercial restoration company. We will always be here to help and get you back in business.

Commercial water damage can be a disastrous event affecting every piece of your business. Many causes are internal, like burst pipes and a leaky roof. However, this type of damage can also happen when sewage backs up or your sprinkler system malfunctions.

Water damage can also occur through natural causes, which we understand thoroughly as Pennsylvania residents. In Beaver specifically, we experience over 140 days of precipitation annually, meaning that our local stretch of the Ohio River is always at risk of flooding.

Use these helpful ideas to help prepare yourself for the potential of a water-related disaster.

Know Your Building’s Layout

Check out your building’s design plans and find the main water cutoff valve and the fire sprinkler system controls. Impart this information to as many people as possible so that there’s always someone who can help inside the building.

Know the Types of Water Involved

A critical factor for determining the severity of water damage is the type of water involved. Understanding what kind of danger you’re facing will allow you to make the best decisions for how to handle it.

White water: This type of water most commonly results from plumbing problems. It’s not considered contaminated and is safe to handle yourself in small amounts.

Gray water: Sink drains and toilet tank overflows produce this type of flooding. The water is contaminated but not considered dangerous.

Black water: Sewage backups and storm flooding are common sources of highly contaminated black water. Always call in a professional to deal with this type of toxic water damage.

Take Action Quickly

You must try to shut down the source of water fast and then begin circulating air with open windows and doors as soon as possible. After completing these steps, notify your building’s employees so everyone can avoid contact with the water.

Then begin documenting any visible damage, as this can help expedite the insurance process and give extra information to your restoration provider so they can assess the situation fully.

Remember to Be Patient

The damage you see is only one part of the total problem. Water-logged wall studs, moldy framing and warped flooring are just a few signs of hidden water damage. We may require up to a week to fully dry and clean the whole building, so be patient as we help you get back in action.

When water damage happens in your business, get SERVPRO of Beaver County on the phone right away! Our expert team has professional training with industry-leading equipment so that we can restore your property fast.

When disaster strikes your commercial property, we’ll be there to help clean up and get you back in business quickly. Reach out 247 to get started!

Why SERVPRO? Because We’re Always Within Reach | SERVPRO® of Beaver County

10/10/2022 (Permalink)

< img src =”crew.jpg” alt = "a SERVPRO crew unloading cleaning equipment out of a green van " > No job is too big or small. Call SERVPRO of Beaver County today to schedule your estimate.

SERVPRO is an excellent choice for restoration for many reasons, like the vast expertise we have with every kind of cleanup and repair. We take care of anything from fire to mold with certified remediation services that help protect the structure of your home.

We can also offer cleanup for biohazards or the removal of graffiti.

But to us, the most important SERVPRO quality is that we are local! Let’s learn how it really sets us apart.

3 Reasons Being Locally Owned Is a Difference-Maker

In addition to the qualities that one seeks in a service provider, being local allows us to give you excellent service every time. Here’s why:

1. We Can Respond Fast

Waiting to start your restoration process will mean that the damage has time to expand and create additional costs and time requirements to be fully completed.

However, partnering with SERVPRO of Beaver County can end your troubles, as we’re available 247. We always have multiple teams ready to be there day or night.

2. We’re Prepared for Local Weather Conditions

Because we’re part of the community, we experience the same weather as you do. We prepare our resources ahead of time so that we can be ready for action when the storms are gone.

This means that we have firsthand knowledge of the weather trends here in Pennsylvania. Like how we experience over 52 inches of combined snow and rainfall each year, which increases our likelihood of suffering flooding or other water-related damage.

3. We Know Beaver County Front and Back

Many restoration companies that provide service to our area aren’t actually from here, and they travel in from out of state or other regions. This means that they probably do not know their way around or understand how our area is special.

Our team knows about the community because they themselves are part of it. We know about the hard course at Harmony Ridge Golf Club and the positive impact of the local Community College of Beaver County.

We also know how the local government operates, including the regulations, which means that we can get your restoration process up and running before anyone that isn’t from here could.

An Extra Benefit

Knowing all this, you can feel secure knowing that we’re prepared to assist this community through any kind of disaster.

Not only is SERVPRO locally owned and operated, but we’re backed by a national brand with years of experience. This means we can call on our neighboring locations for extra help when the disaster spreads throughout our region.

When disaster strikes your home or your business, we’re the team you can trust—located right here, close to home. Get in touch today to get started!

How to Prevent a Lightning Fire From Affecting Your Home | SERVPRO® of Beaver County

9/20/2022 (Permalink)

< img src =”lightning.jpg” alt = "multiple lightning strikes off in distance of dark purple night sky " > If you are dealing with smoke or fire damage from a recent fire, call SERVPRO of Beaver County to learn about a restoration solution for your issue.

It’s possible to prevent most manmade causes of home fires, especially if you have the right safety equipment. However, many natural causes also put you at risk, one being lightning.

There were over 70,000 damage claims made in 2020 regarding lightning strikes, and the damage can include knocked-down trees, fried electrical systems or even home fires that were started by lightning.

Over 6,000 strikes happen every minute, showing us how frequent this disaster really is and why it’s important to be prepared.

What Is Lightning?

Lightning is a concentration of electrical energy that usually happens between clouds and the ground. These strikes can also occur during forest fires, volcanic eruptions and snowstorms, but “dry lightning” is also a significant risk.

Dry lightning happens without rain, and it causes a significant spike in the risk of wildfires. While the threats vary seasonally, it’s a constant risk that we must prepare for in addition to being ready for traditional lightning.

Protecting Your Home From Lightning Fires

When a fire starts from lightning, you may not notice it immediately as the fire will start in the attic or walls. But you will probably hear the strike! The loud explosion sound, black spots on your walls or the smell of smoke are signs that you should call the fire department immediately.

A great way to prevent lightning fires is to install a lightning rod. This metal pole will take the energy from the lightning strike and direct it away from your home.

Additionally, consider adding a whole-home surge protector to ward off fires that begin from electrical surges and faulty wiring.

When Lightning Strikes Nearby

Lightning is also known to start wildfires easily, and while different regions have varying peak seasons, it’s crucial for everyone to prepare. Over 9,000 fires each year originate from lightning strikes, and these flames often burn faster and longer.

Remove any dead trees or vegetation from your property, and think about how a defensible zone could improve your fire protection. Additionally, add smoke detectors to every level of your home so that you have full coverage and an added warning when flames arise.

If your house is affected by fire, call SERVPRO of Beaver County to receive a quick response and excellent support. Our expert team is trained to handle every type of fire cleanup, and our industry-leading equipment will have you back in your home as soon as possible.

Have you experienced smoke or fire damage in your home? Call us today to get the restoration finished fast.

How to Stop Floodwater From Invading Your Property | SERVPRO® of Beaver County

9/7/2022 (Permalink)

a group of residential homes with major flooding in back yards Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO of Beaver County to get the restoration process started right away.

It’s crucial for everyone to prepare for flooding, regardless of where you live. Even areas that don’t see this disaster regularly can be surprised because it takes less than an inch of water to begin ruining your possessions.

You can take steps both inside and out of your home to shield against flooding, but first, you must understand the regional risks we face. Here in Beaver County, we know the hardships of water damage. The rivers and creeks that dissect our region often overflow when presented with heavy rain. This means that we face a higher likelihood of floods than most other regions, so it’s even more crucial to be prepared.

Once you know about the risks we face in our area, you can begin to prepare for them with the following steps:

<h3your-home-from-the-outside">Protecting Your Home From the Outside

Heavy rainfall can come from nowhere and cause an overflow of water to collect around your property. However, there are steps you can take to be prepared, like keeping your gutters clear and operating correctly.

You can also utilize landscaping techniques that direct water away from your home’s structure. Less expensive versions of this include rain gardens, which are a mix of various bushes, plants and small trees with root structures that can absorb high amounts of rainfall.

It may seem like a lot of work initially, but when considering the potential costs for restoration and the stress of recovering, taking these actions is a great choice. Not only will they give your home added protection, but these ideas can also improve the look of your land.

<h3protection-from-the-inside">Flood Protection From the Inside

Protecting your home from external flooding begins with the foundation of your structure. You should regularly check for any cracks and seal them immediately, and think about installing a sump pump if your basement or crawl space regularly floods.

To keep your home safe from internal flooding like failed plumbing and leaky faucets, routine maintenance is the best solution. Identify any leaks in your pipes, and repair or replace them before a major problem arises.

It’s important to prepare ahead of time because floodwater is a powerful force regardless of where it comes from. Keep any photographs or valuable documents in elevated positions inside waterproof containers, and practice an emergency plan with your family so that you’re ready for the next potential flood.

Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO today to get your restoration completed faster.

The Most Common Ways Severe Storms Can Damage Your Home | SERVPRO® of Beaver County

8/18/2022 (Permalink)

High-powered storms can bring many disasters to your doorstep. From extreme winds to heavy rains and flooding, they can all do serious damage to your home.

The type of storm and the events it causes can expose your home to multiple kinds of damage. Calculating your home’s potential level of damage is complicated and involves looking at your home’s qualities, age and the landscape surrounding it.

While it is important for everyone to be aware of storm damage, it’s especially important for us here in Pennsylvania. Flooding, storms, fire and winter storms are just a few of the most common disasters that we see in our area. You need to prepare for these events by drafting an emergency plan and learning about what risks you may see.

Look at these most common types of storm damage and how you can get ready for them:


Wind damage happens because high-speed gusts hit buildings and can rip off roof tiles or your siding. While tornadoes and hurricanes are usually to blame, even minor storms can cause wind speeds of nearly 100 mph. These kinds of winds can throw debris through windows and doors and puncture holes in your roof’s lining.

You should take time to clear your property of any debris like the ones listed above and tie down any furniture that could become dangerous during high winds.


As storms cause heavy rainfall, that water can pool around your house and cause damage both during and after the storm has passed. Water can seep through your windows and doors or potentially down into your foundation and cause irreversible damage.

To reduce the amount of damage you could experience, think about using landscaping techniques that direct water away from your home’s structure. You can also choose to build a rain garden, which will collect excess rainwater and prevent a flood on your land.

Lastly, make sure your gutters are clean and that your roof is in good condition so that it can protect you from a storm.


The final major kind of storm damage is from impacts. Typically, “impact damage” is caused by a falling tree or a limb knocked down by high winds. However, anything that hits (or impacts) your home with force is considered impact damage.

The best way to avoid this is to keep your trees healthy and have any dead or dying ones removed as soon as possible.

Disasters caused by weather resulted in an excess of $145 billion in our country in 2021 alone. By following these tips and understanding the weather in your region, you can keep your house safer and prevent excessive damage from occurring.

If storm damage affects your home, call SERVPRO of Beaver County immediately so that you can get started on your restoration. Our team of experts will jump into action and have you back in your home before you know it.

When you suffer storm-related damage to your home or business, it’s important that you know who to call! Contact us today to get your storm damage restoration started faster.